LRSK v4.4.1 – Develop Preset Action Keys

Version 4.1.1 has two new powerful features

1 – Develop Presets can now be applied with Action Keys

Create your own shortcuts to your most used Develop Presets.

For example, with the new AI tools introduced in Lightroom 12, you can retouch portraits with a single key press by creating an Action Key to the new “Adaptive Portrait” develop presets or to your own adaptive AI develop presets.

2 – Enable / Disable SuperKeys with SHIFT+ESC

Superkeys can now be disabled and then re-enabled by pressing the keyboard combination SHIFT+ESC. This is occasionally necessary if you need to type into Lightroom’s fields or pop-ups when you have created and overridden your keyboard keys with custom hotkeys or actions.

Big improvements in how actions are created!

Selecting your action for an action key is now much easier using the new expanding menu.

Swap SHIFT key behavior for Hot Keys

In prior versions of LRSK, the SHIFT key would only make finer slider adjustments for Hotkeys. However, now you can swap this behavior and make larger changes when using the SHIFT key with Hot Keys. This option can be found under Preferences / Settings.

Other fixes

(Windows): Bug fix with CTRL key. With certain key combinations, LRSK would stop responding to key presses

(Windows): Bug fix where the “Copy” window would not get the focus when using a Copy action key

Other minor stability & bug fixes

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