v1.6.1 Update & minor bug fixes

Version 1.6.1 is now released with some minor bug fixes and enhancements to the “Super Menu” interface.

v1.6.1 Changelog

  • Fix: Pressing the “Super Menu” key would sometimes trigger a key press and send it to Lightroom causing unwanted key presses
  • Fix: “Auto Hide Super Menu” checkbox would always revert back to as checked when plugin is restarted


  • Visually enhance the local preset buttons and icons
  • Fix: Display the first item of the drop down list of local presets whenever adding a new local preset
  • Fix: Hide drop down list of local presets, if visible, when hiding the super menu
  • Fix: Smoother re-ordering of local presets


  • Fix: Set focus back to Lightroom after repositioning the heads up display
“Super Menu” with new enhanced icons
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