Edit at the Speed of Creativity.

LrSK will without a doubt, simplify and speed up your editing workflow.


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What makes it so amazing?

Adjust any slider, including local adjustment sliders (ie: exposure, temperature, etc…) by holding an assigned “Speed Key”, and then using your mouse wheel to make quick up or down changes
Assign a single key press to a local adjustment preset and a masking tool combination!
(example: You can select sky and apply a sky preset, or select your subject and apply a dodge preset… simultaneously with one keypress!)
Map keys to sliders, develop presets, local adjustment presets, and almost all of Lightroom’s develop functions
Custom Speed Menu for quickly selecting your favorite masking tools and local adjustment presets
Speed Keys are pre-configured and are ready for immediate speed editing
A free edition is available after the free 14-day trial expires
Does not require a subscription
Available for both macOS and Windows
VSCO Keys and Pfixer alternative
Designed and developed by professional photographers worldwide, for photographers

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Hotkeys and shortcuts for Lightroom Classic

Are you On the go?

No need to pack a device Or clutter up desk space!

A keyboard & mouse is all you need to start editing faster in Lightroom.

The Speed Menu

Build a list of your most used local adjustment presets
With one click, select a masking tool together with a local adjustment preset
AI Masking tools are only one click away
Press and hold the Tab key to reveal and release to hide

Select & Lighten your Subjects using the Speed Menu

How it’s done


Free 14-day trial

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