LRSK 4.2.1 (win) | Lightroom Hot Key Plugin

We are excited to finally release the totally re-written version of LRSK version 4 for Windows with loads of new features.

NOTE: When upgrading from 3.2.3, all your custom-defined Speed Keys, Speed Menu Items, and user settings will be lost

Changes since v3.2.3

  • The user interface has been completely redesigned for a new modern look
  • Create Hotkeys to either increase or decrease sliders

  • Create Action Keys to apply either masking presets, keyboard shortcuts, or Lightroom commands.
    For more info on Actions Keys, see the FAQs
    • Masking Presets: This allows you to choose your favorite masking tool (ie: brush, radial, linear gradient, subject, sky, etc…) along with your favorite masking preset applied
    • Keyboard Shortcuts: Choose from a list of Lightroom keyboard shortcuts (ie: Copy Previous, Match Total Exposures, Export, etc…)
    • Lightroom Commands: Select from a list of commands (ie: Auto Tone, Reset Crop, etc…)
  • Enable / Disable the heads-up display (HUD)
  • Optimize the slider adjustments by buffering commands being sent to Lightroom to create more responsive updates to your image when applying large movements with your cursor
  • A fully licensed 14-day trial is now available with your download
  • Speed Menu can now be resized vertically
  • A new “compact view” mode for the Speed Menu, allowing you to view more presets at once
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