Expressions from a professional London Wedding Photographer

Jeff Oliver of Jeff Oliver Photography is an award-winning wedding photographer from London, England. With over a decade of photography experience, Jeff has photographed 100’s of weddings.

The way Jeff implements natural light and off-camera flash to showcase his subjects he creates captivating and stunning timeless images.

Jeff reached out to us because he wanted to share his experience with us and with those just discovering LrSK.

Here’s what he had to say…

Just to put things into context, I’m a professional wedding photographer and so I use Lightroom extensively. Any small gains in speed can add up to a huge time save for me.

I was intrigued enough by Lightroom SuperKeys to download a 14-day trial, the main thing I was interested in was the ‘Action Keys’, one keypress to apply a preset. I wasn’t really clear on the ‘Speed Keys’ or if they would benefit me or not, but the ability to quickly apply presets alone would make this a worthwhile purchase.

I’ve used other plugins previously that performed the tasks I’m after, but they were very cumbersome and temperamental. What a pleasant surprise then when I installed LrSK, it’s very simple to set up and a breeze to use. I did have one issue though, more to do with the way I set my Lightroom Preferences, but it stopped me from using LrSK to its full potential. I contacted the developer who was super quick to respond. We worked out a temporary fix, with a permanent solution in the next release a couple of weeks later. That’s what I call service!

OK, once I was fully up and running with the ‘Action Keys’, I started to use the ‘Speed Keys’ and OMG what a timesaver! This wasn’t what I’d downloaded the plugin for, but has proved to make a huge difference to my workflow. One press of a key brings up the relevant slider (exposure, contrast, etc.), then dragging left or right WHEREVER your pointer is, will increase or decrease the slider. No more having to position my cursor over the relevant slider.

The bottom line is, if you’re a casual Lr Classic user, this may not make a big impact to you, but if you use LrC on a regular basis, this will definitely level up your workflow.

Jeff Oliver
Jeff Oliver Photography

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