LrSuperKeys 3.2.0 Release – Lightroom Speed Editing Plugin

v3.2.0 (February 7, 2022)

Changes since v3.0.0

  • NEW: Select Subject and Select Sky buttons have been added to each favorite local preset on the Speed Menu
  • NEW: Added an option to constrain crop while applying transform adjustments
  • NEW: Added an option to reveal Lightroom panels during slider adjustment
  • Enhancement: Now supports adding and using local presets located in sub-folders on the Speed Menu
  • Bugfix: Disable Speed Keys if a pop-up dialog is displayed while in the develop module. For example, Rename Preset dialog, Lightroom Preference dialog, Export dialog, etc…
  • Bugfix: Issue with the Speed Menu. When adding a masking preset to your favorite list, it would often auto select a masking preset without clicking on it
  • Bugfix: support german umlauts in preset names, this should fix other language issues as well
  • Bugfix: When switching photos or applying presets, only update the HUD with the current value being displayed on the HUD
  • Bugfix: In the free edition, Temperature had no large change
  • Bugfix: Correct an issue for Regional settings that use a comma for a decimal point
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