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Lightroom Super Keys has been listed and is now available for download at

You can download or see their review on their site: LrSuperKeys 1.6.0 (

Here is the description gave our Lightroom Plugin:

Improve your Adobe Lightroom photography workflow with this plugin that allows for superior slider and adjustment customizations

Adobe Lightroom users who rely heavily on the Development module and its subsequent, available adjustment methods, know that an efficient workflow depends on the used hotkeys, their accessibility, and overall ergonomics.

Designed specifically in order to address the issues of slider adjustments in Lightroom, LrSuperKeys offers users a tool that will help them increase their image processing efficiency, through several, purpose-fit functions.

In order to achieve a better image editing workflow, the plugin allows one to perform the slider adjustments without having to actually access the sliders in the regular sense. Basically, through a series of programmable keys, which work in conjuncture with the mouse buttons and wheel, users will be able to perform the adjustments by simply running the keys and mouse gestures, directly onto the image, or other areas of the screen.

Furthermore, the programmable functions library accepts a wide range of keys, each for a different parameter, such as image rotation, temperature, tint, shadows, saturation, etc. Used together with the mouse, these keys provide a finer adjustment degree, since the actual sliding area is larger.

Additionally, the plugin also offers a dedicated menu, which enables users to store several of their favorite adjustments and have them readily accessible at the click of a button, in a floating menu.

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