LRSK 4.2.1 (macOS) | Lightroom Hotkeys Plugin

Changes in v4.2.1 (macOS)

  • Enhancement: When masking is active, pressing Hotkeys will now adjust the masking sliders, identical to how Speed Keys behave.
  • Enhancement: Added additional keyboard shortcuts to the list of available actions. ie: Spot Removal Tool, Crop Tool, Convert to grayscale, and more
  • Distinctive naming for the types of keys for less confusion
    • Hotkeys (previously +/- shortcuts): Keys assigned to either increase or decrease sliders
    • Action Keys (previously shortcuts): Keys to perform one of three types of actions.
      (Masking Tools with Presets, Keyboard Shortcuts, or Lr Commands)
    • Speed keys (unchanged): Keys that are pressed and held then using a mouse, trackpad, or arrow keys to change the values
RSK Lightroom Plugin
LRSK Lightroom Plugin
  • Bugfix: Allow default Lr shortcuts to passthrough when a key has been assigned as a Hotkey. ie: If “Z” is assigned as a hotkey, pressing Cmd+Z will now perform the Undo command in Lr.
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